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Policy of Admission

It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive at the course centre at least 20 minutes before the course start time. No responsibility by us or any other party will be accepted if you arrive late or fail to arrive due to failure of transport, adverse weather conditions or any other circumstance. Your full paid fees will not be refundable if you do not arrive at the location of your course or test for your scheduled start time which should be 20 minutes prior. Special refund/rescheduling conditions exist if a proven medical emergency is responsible for your delay.

Requirements of Identification

Candidates are required to bring one form of identification listed below bearing a photograph and signature.

·         A valid in date UK only driving licence with a photograph of the candidate and the candidate's signature

·         A valid in date passport of any nationality with a photograph of the candidate and the candidate’s signature

If a candidate does not have one of these then they will need two items of valid ID and before booking complete this form:

Photocopies of ID will not be accepted.

Please note in some circumstances the candidate will be photographed for security purposes.

If you do not bring acceptable Identification as required above, you will not be entered into the testing or course process.

Conduct of Candidates

The candidate should not attend a test or course location with anybody unauthorised and with written prior permission. Personal items should be kept to a minimum as storage of any items is unsecure.

Any items you carry into the course or test centre such as keys, phones, bags, etc  must be stored in a personal locker provided at the Centre.

Normal exam policies apply during courses and exams, some location and those in particular at Pearson Vue centres have CCTV and all Tests are recorded for security and detection or investigation of fraud purposes. CCTV footage is retained securely by the test provider depending on the test type for a period of up to two years.

Any misconduct by the candidate during the visit to the centre will result in the candidate being removed from the course and exam process, the candidate's attendance being void and the candidate's fee being forfeited.

The exam invigilators will explain how the candidate can attract their attention if the candidate should experience any technical difficulties during the examination process.

Reschedule Policy

If you wish to reschedule your test you must do this at least 3 working days before your scheduled test day. You will be unable to reschedule within the same period. Call our booking line 08452695892. 

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your test without giving 72 hours’ notice, no refund is payable.

A refund will be paid for cancellations outside of the 72 hour notice period made via our telephone booking line, but will incur a £10.00 administration fee.

Refunds will be made by the original payment method credit/debit card refund or by cheque and will be made within 15 days of receipt of valid request. No refund will be given if you paid for a test using a voucher, but you can reschedule as per the reschedule policy if within our permitted reschedule times.  You should check with your bank on times to show a credit back to your account.

If you cancel your CSCS card application for whatever reason then the refund payable is £30.00. This amount is only payable if the application has not been received by CITB. We charge £10.00 administration for our time involved in the cancellation process.

If you cancel both items outside of the cancelation period we reserve the right to charge a cancelation fee of up to £15.00.

In the event of a cancellation that includes revision material, we will not refund any or part of the refund for the revision material. 

CITB-ConstructionSkills right to cancel.
CITB-ConstructionSkills reserves the right to cancel (including cancellation on the day of the test without notice) if the Test Centre experiences a problem outside their control (including but not limited to electricity failure, security alert) and in such circumstances you will be offered an alternative test date.  In addition, CITB-ConstructionSkills may terminate this Contract (without liability to you) if you are in material breach of any of any of these Conditions.

Cancellation Policy for Level 1 Training Attendance

If you wish to cancel your attendance inside of our five working day notice period, then no refund is due.

A cancellation outside of the five working day notice period made via our telephone booking line, is acceptable but will incur an administration fee, revision material fee, booking fee and an exam fee. The total returned fee to you will be £62.50.

We will reschedule your course date twice, free of charge, if given 3 working days’ notice. If you wish to reschedule within the 3-day period, a £15 reschedule fee will incur. If you wish to reschedule on the day of the course, you will be charged a £62.50 reschedule fee.

Refunds will be made by the original payment method credit/debit card refund or by cheque and will be made within 15 days of receipt of valid request. No refund will be given if you paid for an exam using a voucher, but you can reschedule as per the reschedule policy if within our permitted reschedule times. You should check with your bank on times to show a credit back to your account.

Additional Information

HS&E Revision Materials
Revision material is available by default included in your purchase. Additional copies can be purchased in book and electronic formats for all Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test types from or at the time of booking. To ensure that revision material is always up to date, visit our website
Module-specific factsheets are available for the CPCS renewal test, which cover all the subject areas included within the test. CPCS factsheets are available free-of-charge and can be viewed and downloaded from

Test Results
All candidates will be given written confirmation of whether they have passed or failed the CITB Construction Tests. These score reports, regardless of test result will also indicate areas of weakness where all questions in that subject were not answered correctly.
CPCS-RT candidates MUST complete all modules presented to them. If candidates choose to skip a module no score will be produced for all modules completed within the Test taken.

If the candidate fails, he or she will not be allowed to re-sit any exam within 48 hours.

If You require a duplicate pass certificate You should either ring the Customer Service Team on 0344 994 4488 or write to them at Customer Service Team, CITB, c/o Pearson VUE, PO BOX 1286, Warrington. WA1 9GN. Duplicate pass certificates will incur a £10 administration charge.

If you require a duplicate QCF Level 1 in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment you should request this from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.depending on the delivery of the certificate an administration charge maybe payable.

To read the CITB terms and conditions in full, please visit

No organisation connected to your booking will be held responsible for expenses incurred beyond the cost of the test, including but not limited to travel expense and lost wages on the day of the test.

Privacy Policy

Please see or request our GDPR statement on how we manage your data you give to us at the time of booking.

*calls to 0845 may not be free, please check with your network. When we call you the number shown will be 056 0335 8014.

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